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Family Moments
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Counseling Group

Individual sessions are typically (1) one hour long and most commonly are scheduled once a week, although you and your counselor may determine that it would be useful for you to come more or less frequently, depending upon your situation.


It is important to not only talk with your counselor openly during your sessions, but also to focus on practicing strategies that will help with your healing, in between sessions as well.


Family counseling can be done with any type of family, whether it is a traditional two parent family, a single parent family or an adoptive, blended or step family. We may decide to have all members of the family gather each session to work out communications issues together; or break family sessions down into smaller components, meeting sometimes with parents/adult partners together and other times with individual family members. Whatever type of family counseling you choose, working as a family can resolve many difficult dynamics that often do not respond to individual counseling.


In every family system, there is a dynamic, or pattern of behavior and communication, which develops through the family's history. Intervening on just one or two people in this family system often will not address the larger communication difficulties that are creating conflict.

Sometimes doing individual counseling with someone in a family can assist that individual in breaking patterns on his or her own, but then as soon as she/he steps back into the family system, the patterns reemerge because the FAMILY dynamic has not changed. This is the value of family counseling: it works on the dynamics and communications difficulties of the family as a unit, so that lasting change can be achieved for all family members.


There are times of stress and joy in every relationship. At times, however, couples may find themselves in what they feel is an endless loop, fighting about the same things, talking through conflicts, and yet finding themselves landing back in the same situation again. Often times when a couple seems to be going in circles, this is a good time to bring in a neutral person to assist the couple in moving through that “stuck place”. There are many different types of couples and marriage therapy.


The Art of Communication

Understanding takes two things talking and listening. When we talk, we open the way for others into our private thoughts and feelings. And when we listen, we step through the door into another person's point of view. Talking and listening with them comes understanding. And with understanding can come some of life's most important things respect and acceptance and love.


Children deal with stress and emotional pain in a different way than adults do. Children h not yet developed the language skills to express complex feelings, so often their stress and emotional pain comes out through their behaviors: bed wetting, clinging to a parent, avoidance of going to school or poor performance in school, acting out behaviors. These are just a few of the behavioral clues that your child may need to talk with someone. It can be easy for even the most dedicated parent to miss or underestimate the emotional impact that changes in the family (such as a new baby, a divorce, the death of a family member or the remarriage of a parent) can have on a child of any age.

It takes specialized training and experience to do counseling with children, and often the therapy may “look different” than adult counseling would appear. Your child may come home saying, “We just played games the whole time,” however in what appear to simply be games to the child, a skilled child therapist can provide support, education and suggestions for behavior change that are assimilated by the child, without “talking about them” in the commonly expected way.


In child therapy, often “play” is used as the tool to help the child express their feelings, and begin to master their reactions to a stressful situation. Most commonly, a child therapist will also ask the parent/caregiver of the child to be involved in the counseling in some way, whether this is actually sitting in on a session, or is a short conference at the beginning or end of a child’s session to inform the parent of the child’s progress.



Addressing family genetic history to identify spiritual bondages passed on through the family line, such as substance abuse, mental illness, physical, verbal  abuse , sexual abuse and relational conflicts.

Breaking generationally transmitted messages through the power of Christ and healing prayer.

Establishing new patterns and skills through instilling correct concepts of God with unconditional love,  acceptance and addressing forgiveness issues.

COST: $500.00


  • 4 counseling sessions

  • 1 session of Spiritual Cross Training | Communion | Rituals

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