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Forgiveness: Getting Beyond Your Pain and Past


A seven week video workshop designed for Individuals and Families
followed by Discussion and Intercessory Prayer


Video Workshop topics include:

Session 1 - Forgiveness: Understanding and Getting Beyond your Pain and Past: David Stoop, PHD

Session 2 - Forgiveness: God and the Bible. Ron Hawkins, EDU

Session 3 - Forgiving Others: Ev Worthington Jr., PHD

Session 4 - Forgiving Ourselves: Ev Worthington Jr., PHD

Session 5 - When You Can't Forgive: Diane Langberg, PHD

Session 6 - Reconciliation and New Life: Tom Whiteman, PHD

Session 7 - Forgiving our Families: Fred DiBiasio, PHD


TUITION: $100.00 for the entire 7 week series

For More Information and to Register:

Patti Dunne @ 860-377-4064

The Healing Tree LLC

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