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Making art begins the process of transformation by helping to turn silence into discovering your visual voice. Stuffed feelings, psychological wounds, grief, anxiety, depression, all take up a tremendous amount of energy. Making art allows your energy to flow past roadblocks. Like exercising there is a release of stored up energy. There is a tangible sense of safety in making art, which you don't need to talk about, unless you want to.


An Expressive Art session comes alongside a professional psychotherapeutic relationship, as another modality to support treatment goals. You will be guided through a variety of artistic activities to foster self-awareness, to identify wounds that may be clouding your ability to live fully, the freedom to release emotions, and to express them thoughtfully and intentionally at your own pace.

Sessions are carefully woven to create a safe environment for sharing. It is a sacred time to seek personal insights through sharing openly about your art, or not. Writing is another tool used to process your visual expression. 

A variety of art mediums are used.


Your participation is not dependent on artistic skill. Emphasis is on your experience, rather than creating an artistic masterpiece. Warm-up exercises can be provided for those who feel uncomfortable making their

first mark.

Private Individual


Family group sessions are available at a group rate

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