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SOZO is a Greek word which means "saved, healed and delivered".

We all long for a tangible touch from God that will reassure us – of His care – His love – His mercy and compassion. Imagine an opportunity to experience the deep tenderness our hearts so long for! Art Sozo® opens the door for that to happen through the vehicle of art.


Your participation is not dependent on artistic skill or prior art training. If you can finger paint, then you can do Art Sozo®! It is a unique process blending inner healing tools with creativity. In a workshop setting, you will be guided through artistic activities that help you to identify any wounds or blockages that may be clouding your ability to see God and fully embrace His love.

Art Sozo® sessions are carefully woven to create a safe environment filled with intimacy where God can powerfully move and touch your heart. The focus will never be an artistic masterpiece because that’s not the kind of painting we do. Rather, it is focused on you and your relationship with God. He bids you to come and enjoy this special time with Him.


What can I expect at a session?

Art Sozo® is a guided time set in a sacred space free from distractions while soft music plays to quiet your body, soul and spirit. Done in an atmosphere of safety and vulnerability, you will have opportunities to share the meaning of your art.


You will complete two paintings to connect your emotions to the heart of God. Each activity builds upon the last. A time for journaling is also incorporated into a session. You may experience deep break-throughs. The process of this type of art bypasses logical defenses and can access areas needing healing that have not been touched before. It is also common to hear testimonies of how God used a finished painting to minister to participants —  days, weeks, months — following the conclusion of
your session.


*LARGER GROUPS REQUIRE a minimum of 3 hours to allow proper time for sharing.


Private Individual


Group of 4


Group of 6



Taryn F.

I knew I was needing to face certain emotions and wounds head on. This was another step toward forgiveness of different people. I need to make Him plan A. I will remember this date for the rest of my life.

Brian T.

Jesus showed me some things I hadn’t really known before. I also have a deeper understanding of Him as a loving Father. 

Stephanie P.

I enjoyed playing with paint and having freedom to choose how and what to paint. I feel that God
the Father, the Son, and
the Holy Spirit all love and care for me.

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